Symbol: ZMMD

ZMMD Token

Programmed to protect and reward holders while increasing liquidity and value


Zummond Protocol How To Buy


Due to the progressive tax fees, you need to adjust the slippage according to the amount of ZMMD you want to buy.

If you are having any trobules while buying follow these points:
- Increase the slippage percantage. See the table bellow for more details.
- A slippage of 23%-25% offers a very high chance that your transaction will be successfully executed
- Make sure that the amount of tokens you want to buy or sell ends on a 0 - PancakeSwap sometimes has issues processing larger numbers!

FeeQuotaOf Total SupplySlippage

- Legend:  ≤ operator is "less than or equal to", > operator is "greater than"
- What is Slippage? - Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price of that trade

How do I buy ZMMD?

1. You first need a wallet. metamask.io is probably the most popular wallet on the market that also offers a browser extension.

2. You need gas for the transactions. You can add gas by going to either your Binance account or trustwallet.com. On both of these two platforms you have the option to buy some Smart Chain BNB coins. Send those BNB coins to your Metamask wallet and you are ready to trade on the Binance Smart Chain.

3. Go to Pancakeswap and click on "Connect" or "Unlock Wallet" at the top right and connect your Metamask Wallet. Follow the instructions and allow PancakeSwap to see your accounts and addresses.

4. At the top, where it now says "Enter an amount", click on "Select a currency" and insert the address of the ZMMD token contract (click to copy address).

5. Press the settings button that you see at the top right corner of the center panel. Adjust slippage to account for the autonomous return and liquidity generation of ZMMD that occurs with each transaction. For more details on slippage, please refer to the table in the section "Slippage".

6. Enter the amount of ZMMD you want to swap and click "Swap". If you have problems, round the number of ZMMD tokens to the nearest 0. Sometimes PancakeSwap has trouble rounding the numbers. Also, leave some BNB so that you don't end up without fuel.

0xe3cf69c5fd7189a0eedded120a829410bfac22ae is the address of the token and not a wallet, please do not send tokens to it. You will get nothing, and we have no way to refund it.


Zummond Protocol

The Zummond protocol is an autonomous return and liquidity generation protocol that offers static rewards to its holders while constantly increasing the liquidity pool and decreasing the number of tokens in circulation with each transaction

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